Hello friends and welcome to Sprig of Thyme!

I am Iglika, a creative person who lives in snowy Minnesota. I started this blog as a place to share my edible adventures in the kitchen. I have always enjoyed cooking (and eating), maybe because food makes me feel connected with people, places and life in general. To me cooking and is like travelling – a child-like curiosity and fearlessness is needed in order to discover what is waiting on the journey ahead. Just like travelling, cooking makes me relaxed, grounded and excited about life. So...fill your glasses with wine, put your aprons on and come along!


A little bit about me:

❤ I grew up in Bulgaria and about a decade ago I moved to the United States. I was a city child but I spent my summers in the mountains where my family owned a small house. Surrounded by nature, few people, two big vegetable gardens and lots of fruit trees, my sister and I would run, play and eat everything nature offered us. My love of good food started then, in the place where eating carrots straight from the ground, or grabbing a plum from the tree was part of my everyday life.

❤ English is my second language, so please excuse the occasional grammar and spelling mistakes.

❤ I like good people, good food, good conversations, adventures and travel, and energetic dogs (I don't have one yet, but someday I will).


Blog content:

❤ I cook, style and photograph all the food you see here (unless noted otherwise). I use natural light only.

❤ If you would like to use or repost any content from this blog (including stories, recipes or images), please ask for my permission and give me a proper credit and a link back.